Hi. I’m not sure how many people are actually in the forum right now, but I figured I’d ask anyway…

I hadn’t intended on getting a spectrophotometer and was just going to use the provided profiles w/Pro, but I see that Datacolor has $100 off their SypderPrint product through Christmas. I currently have their Spyder4Elite product for my monitors, and (I suppose) it works OK. Their products are cheaper than the X-Rite products, and I see that you support the SpyderPrint product in PiezoPro.

I’m a novice, but I’m captivated B&W printing and have plans to print as a side business–not at the Jon Cone level though.

So, my question: IF I get a spectrophotometer, is the SpyderPrint a quality product? Is X-Rite worth the premiun?




I would say a used i1Pro v1 (in the $200 range) is probably better than a SpyderPrint. However, SpyderPrint will absolutely work!

And also, it is by no-means required. We’re hard at working hustling this week making over 160 curves for a ton of papers.

When the ink is at your door, the Piezography downloads will be updated with the new curves.



Thanks Walker, I’ll take a look at a used v1. Anything I should be cautious of? I know they are tied to a software license and occasionally may need to be recalibrated; anything else?

Re profiles: are you doing more papers than the ones listed on your website? Any Red River papers?




Make sure you don’t get RevA or RebB (the first earliest versions of the i1).

There is no software license you have to buy. Just the device.

Eventually we do hope to add some red-river papers (For bookmaking people) but that is after we can get all of our backlog (Pro and K7) curves done for our officially supported papers. We do hope that the community of people will share curves they make though!!!

I’m working on a way to facilitate this on piezography.com too.





The Red River Papers would be very welcomed. I intend on doing books. Thanks in advance.