Speckled pattern and irregular coating on Revere platinum with Malde-Ware printing

I continue to have diffuse, speckled pattern, with irregular coating. I humidify paper to 60%/1 hour pre coat, have increased the solution volume by 25%, and humidify post coating for 60%/1hr. I’m adding 5% solution tween 20/glycerine I’m new at rod coating, but did this successfully at the DN workshop in June. Any thoughts?
I can’t even print a quality exposure print!

In his book on Platinum Palladium printing Pradip Malde recommends a 15% tween/glycerin solution for Revere. I’ve been using this dilution recently and have had no problems. In the past, I had trouble making smooth prints with the 5% . It’s quick, easy and cheap to mix up a bit and see if this helps.