Some Curves to Share

Hey guys, got some curves to share if you’re interested! NOTE: I’m printing on a 7900 with several dead channels, so my channel mapping is this:

1: HD PK
2: C
3: OR
4: LC
5: Y
6: M

here’s what’s up:

15 seconds, 3000k LED strips under a vacuum easle with, #00 filter (green gel) and ND gels lining them over my Nuarc’s vacuum easel (only way I can get a sharp print with a 00).

Printed on the warm base awagami platinum rag. Dilute 1:20 with distilled and 1ml of citric acid, put in a tray and place the paper in and let it absorb it all. 500 units in my Nuarc 26-1Ks

New Cyanotype on Hanhemuhle Platinum Rag, 2ml / 8x10, 2 drops citric, 1 drop tween, 500 units in Nuarc 26-1Ks

New Cyanotype on Arches Platine, 2ml / 8x10, 2 drops citric, 475 units in my Nuarc 26-1Ks

Kalitype on hahnemuhle platinum rag, 1:1 ferric oxalate to silver nitrate (10%), 2ml / 8x10, 1 drop tween per 5ml, 175 units in nuarc 26-1ks

Kalitype on Arches Platine, fumed silica pre-coat, 1:1 ferric oxalate to silver nitrate (10%), 2ml / 8x10, 1 drop tween per 5ml, 85 units in nuarc 26-1ks


PDN_SFZ_SILVER_ISMWT_20200509.quad (8.6 KB) PDN_SFZ_KALI_Platine-B_2ml-FS_85u_200506.quad (8.6 KB) PDN_SFZ_KALI_HPR_2ml_175u_200418.quad (8.6 KB) PDN_SFZ_CYANO_HPR_2ml_500u_200409-DiCro.quad (8.7 KB) PDN_SFZ_CYANO_AwgPlatGamp_200405.quad (8.7 KB) PDN_SFZ_CYANO_Platine_200320.quad (8.7 KB)

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thanks Xander! Also, I am assuming this was built with Selenium ink set?

best regards,

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Yes, this is with selenium