Silver Curves for 1430 and install and curves for x880


Hi Walker,

Wondering how close you are on releasing a silver curve for the 1430 or the install set-up for the 9880 with some PD and Silver curves?



In answer to your first question, soon. I’ve been on vacation all last week and getting back to work this morning. That said, anyone with a spectrophotometer can make a silver curve the x800 and x880 series printers using the existing 3880 master curve right now. Many already have.

Second question: PiezoDN is for digital negatives. When we come out with a new “Piezography” installer at a re-launched in the coming weeks, there will be a ton of other installers for traditional piezography (k7, k6, and p2) curves.





Thanks Walker,

so if I understand your previous post correctly, if I want to go ahead and start using the 9880 , using the 3880 master curve to configure various curves , I just use the existing QTR install because the PDN install is just automatically adding the specific curves to all the places that they need to go? Otherwise it is really the same thing. That way I’ll be able to use the 9880 across the network rather than being limited to a tethered USB connection.






Is the PZDN installs specific to digital neg creation or will the regular printer install commands work for PZDN?



Here is a picture of direct “device link” density to density translation in our new internal tool.

This allows us to match densities from one printer/print-head to another without going into the darkroom. This service will also allow PiezoDN customers to migrate from one printer to another easily in the future.

I will be building out the 4900 selenium (gotta do the fill and purge of the printer first) to make a target silver density curve and will then apply this to the 3880 master curve and the 1430 master curve for the next version release.