Should I buy a P8000 or P9000


I am a photographer purchasing a P8000 or P9000 for personal use with Cone Inks. I don’t do production printing for other clients, and I have to date worked exclusively with K7 neutral inks since they first became available. If I switch to Piezo Pro inks, I would not be using the gloss or photo black ink channels.

Is there any reason to purchase a P9000 over a P8000 in terms of head longevity or durability of the printer? BH just offered a $1000 discount on the P8000.

Thanks, Drew Harty

I mean, $1000 off is a good deal, but if you get a printer with two more channels, it’ll last even longer because more channels can die. Pro can do k3 very well, especially for the warm inks, but obviously the more channels the better.