Shortcut re linearizing HDMK?


I’ve been linearizing my PiezoSE with HDMK on a few papers, using your R3000 HDMK master curve as the starting point. However, I’m skipping the 51-step and going straight to the 129-step target…and I’m now wondering if I should…

So far with 3 papers, I’m seeing a similar curve in the Error Corrector spreadsheet w/ my 129-step readings. They are not as I would expect, however: in line with the target line in the deepest shadows (where the HDMK presumably is firing), significantly higher (lighter) than the target in the shadows and mid-tones, and slightly lower (darker) in the highlights. I’ve attached one representative screenshot from the spreadsheet–all 3 papers so far have exhibited the same pattern.

I would have thought that I should be very close to the target line everywhere except in the darkest areas where the HDMK would fire. What am I missing? Am I misreading the chart? With the variance from the target, should I be doing the iterative (Jon’s favorite new word) 51–>129 instead of skipping 51? Or is everything as expected?



I suggest printing a target with the new linearized curve and validate that.