Settings for Print Tool 2.1.1


I have just printed my first Pro print on Canson Platine Fibre using the Epson 7900. I have flushed the printer using the Flushing carts. Seems like there is still some flush ink in the GO channel - so the GO looks red…

Apart from this the tonal value look very nice. However I am still unsure about the color management settings. I have attached the setting I am using. Pls let me know whether this is ok - and if so pls add these settings to the manual.

Best, Markus


btw: attaching images or PDFs does not work


just to be added: when I was in “Visual mode” I got an error message - when in text mode looks like it was working…

If you look at the screenshots in the manual in the “printing” section, you will see that “no color management” should be selected and 16bit should also be selected.

Everything else looks just fine.



Thanks Walker

Seems to work like this. I still cannot get rid of the red cast from the Piezo Flush in GCO. I am printing white sheets using the standard profiles. Would you do a second init fill?

Best, Markus

I suggest that you do a purge print (24x90) using the LLK purge file from >Piezography>Images>QTR-Purge-Files>.

When you print, set the resolution to 1440 bi-directional. And set QTR to “Calibration Mode” (instead of 8 or 16 bit).

This will run 100% of the GCO and you will see it go from pink to clear. Your initial prints from the rest of the channels may appear slightly pinkish for about 100 inches or so. If you desire, you can run a Purge-file for each channel.

When I do this, I generally use cheap canon bond paper in the printer. Anything that can soak up ink that does not cost much.

This purge method is described in detail here:.



This is relevant to my using.the piezography pro inks with a 3800. I have both blacks installed. I believe I understand the workflow. But I don’t see how I can adjust for paper thickness. At the moment I am using Epson hot press natural and the curves that you have made are for the natural base?

When I go to switch the black inks will I be able to use the purge print in QTR?

Flushing worked perfectly well here - thanks



Related to paper thickness, you can change the “platen” gap directly on the printer. Consult your Epson manual for this.

Related to Epson Hotpress, the curves made were made on Natural but will work for both paper types (the coating is the same).