Setting up a R 2000 for PiezoDN


As I’m a bit in a hurry now and can’t get the 3880 to work as posted before am thinking of setting up my R2000 for PiezoDN too. As suggested I was trying to run a couple of test prints checking nozzles and heads and the likes. Well, looks to me I might well be peed by cats, at least lately. Printer first prints only in black white. Yes, all Epson inks and carts yet. Then I see a lot of banding. I sent a print to the printer first via Print Tool but using the Epson R2000 driver and then directly from the print option in Photoshop. Both prints look very very similar, both in black and white (?) while I was trying to print a RGB file.

And all this without sipping any booze

I better don’t try to cross the street for some days!



Most likely you have a BW setting turned on in your Epson printer settings.


FYI, Epson OEM R2000 cartridges are usually very very old by now so I don’t recommend actually putting them in a printer. Your best bet is to get a set of our carts re: testing the nozzles.





Hola Walker, I do have a set of carts I bought from you. Problem with them now is that the chip resetter doesn’t work. Was talking to Wells about this. I’ve replaced batteries and still the resetter keeps blinking in red for a couple of times and then turns on a solid red with any of all the carts. At this point the printer won’t see any of your carts. I don’t know what to do, didn’t solve yet that of the 3880 either, thought I could set the R2000 instead but… I’ll throw myself away through the window this week !


Dear Pablo. We do not sell a chip resetter for the R2000 (only auto-reset chips are available for this printer now) so you are using the wrong resetter! You need a set of chips if they aren’t working due to programming them with the wrong resetter. It’s important to look up the specs of the resetters we sell where we list exactly what chips/printers the reseter works on.





you can see the chip resetter for the R2000 I bought from IJM here:



in the meantime I put all of those carts in the printer (all empty carts now) just to check what the printer and the printer driver would do. The printer shows now all “full” carts and looks “ready” to print. I think I’ll just drop some ink inside every of the carts and see what happens then. I’ll keep you posted.



I’m sorry. I was miss-remembering this vis a vis P400 which took a long time to get a resetter for! Yeesh. Too many things this Monday.

I’m sending you good printing vibes.




you tell me about my Monday too…

thanks for the vibes, hope them to work just fine

best back




Dear Walker, your good vibes did work !

Printer is printing the 129 chart right now… did before a couple of test prints, no old ink traces at all, just a couple of nozzle checks, aligned heads and voila!

And even looks like prints are better than those of the 3880 which is still in the hospital !!

I already thanked Wells and now you !!

Thousand thanks again.

I’ll be fine now with the smaller printer, must do several prints from negs to be printed by the R2000

Good vibes back to you





Regarding the chip resetter, have you figured out whether it works? I also tried using it for the first time, and the LED just turns to solid red, not green, and the carts are not reset.


Paolo, looks like the chip resetter will only work when the cart is full, or not so full, of ink.

There’s nothing to reset when the cart is empty.

I just filled the carts and put them in the printer and they worked just fine.

Walker, hopefully, will chime in and clarify this.



PS: I now can positively say the R2000 is sharper than the 3880. I printed the same neg I had printed with the bigger printer and even got the neg printed on paper and the difference is pretty evident. As Walker explained the R2000 jets are less than half the size of the 3880’s.