Service Program Nozzle Check

I have a P6000 and Pro Ink Set on Windows 11. I’m getting micro horizontal lines. I flipped the Y and LLK channels to solve the issue but that did not work. I’m also getting missing dots in the VM channel. I took the ink selector off and cleaned the unit, also flushed the print head. Still getting micro horizontal lines. I ran the nozzle check in the service program with the small, medium and large dots, there was little to no missing dots. But when I ran the nozzle check from the printer panel there are dots missing when viewed with a loupe. I’ve acquired a Mac Pro Notebook to try the Piezography Driver and a new Ink selector and cleaning unit at a great price.
Any ideas why the Service Program nozzle check looks good but the printer panel nozzle check has dots missing.


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Dear John, micro lines = media feed speed and platen gap issues. Do those calibrations on a customer paper setup in the printer and you should be ok.

Nozzle deflection may be issue.

More importantly do a CR and PF head slant test. This is the main issue at play if all other things have been corrected.