Sanity-Check Hahnemühle Matte Fibre - Neutral? -P9000 epson

I find myself creating my first neutral curve in Piezography Pro K4 - 3 cool 3 warm 2 blacks pk mk

I decided to use a cheaper paper to learn or create a process, I have printed with the photorag curve the 21x16 in cold and warm, I have measured them with an i1 pro2.

later I tried the ratio that comes in the manual 79 Cool, 21 Warm, but the result felt very cold, so with that base I decided to play with the values until it reached

H-Cool 90, W -10
M-Cool 85, W- 15
S-Cool 60, W- 40

Every change I made I printed a 21x1 and checked the values trying to lower LAB_A and LAB_B as much as possible to 0.

When wanting to make the final curve with the xlsb, I realized that there are 7 mixing values there, so I decided to do some fine tuning and the final value that I got in the blend curve 10,10,10,12,35,45 and 50 from light to dark.

I attach my last measurement of a 21x1, now my doubt is this process is correct? have I been wrong about something?

Last_M0_matt-fibre.txt (1.8 KB)

Dear @edo you did it perfect.

Perceptual “neutral” is somewhat in the eye of the beholder and has cultural differences between Europe and Asia and the Americas. But in general, AB of 0,0 looks pretty green to most people. So the way I built these inks is to mix to +.24 ish on the A side and +.5 - +1 on the B side (slightly blue/selenium neutral). So you hit it exactly.

It’s good to validate that this mixing is still possible after 12 batches of ink in the cleanroom below where I sit typing this!

best regards,

Thanks for your answer, it is very good to know if I am understanding things well because it has been a whole new process for me, and without a doubt the best use I have given to a clogged print head.

If they serve someone, I attach my curves.

  • There are Channels Remapped * Y and LK are damage or clogged.
    LK - Piezo
    LM - Warm: Medium
    LC - Cool: Medium
    LLK - Cool: light
    PK - Photo Black
    MK - Piezo
    C - Cool: Dark
    M - Warm: dark
    Y - Piezo
    O - Warm: Light
    G - Ultra Matte Black

P9000-Hahn-Fibre-Cool.quad (9.4 KB)
P9000-Hahn-Fibre-Neutral.quad (10.6 KB)
P9000-Hahn-Fibre-Warm.quad (9.3 KB)

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