Right loading data in PPE v2

i’m starting to use PPE v2. after measuring and saving 80 step target i1Pro v2( 1Profiler CIELAB txt) of CAR-HDPK-PLATINE.QUAD, i loaded data and curve in PPE v2 but in the lab column doensn’t data , smooth amount, smooth boost and channel curve smoothing don’t work ; there is only a straight red line but not the black one . I can’t do any variation. Where and what do i wrong ?

thank you.

I believe you need to use the 21x16 step target.

Please do so and it should work.


Why? If i like to be fast 21 / 51 or 80 can not i use them?

There may be a bug set for the 80. Please upload .txt of your measurements and I’ll check.

Also the 80 is going to be wavy. The 21x16 will be much more accurate,.


in attachment :
1)as your data exemple is when you start PPE ( very different from mine )
2) 21x16 : doesn’t work as 80
3) 256 : doesn’t work as 21x16 and 80.
let me know.
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my txt:
CAN_PL_21x16_M0.txt (29.9 KB)
CAN_PL_256_1_M0.txt (22.8 KB)
80_M0.txt (7.4 KB)

It all works fine!

This is the 21x16 measurement. I think maybe you need to set your Excel to use periods for the decimal place instead of commas. I think maybe your excel is set to EU mode and no US mode.


the problem is in the format of saving mesaurement data from i1Profile : i have not to choose i1Profiler cielab.txt because in default it uses periods decimal separator and it doesn’t work when i import them in PPE . If i use i1Profiler custom cielab then i can choose comma separator and it works on PPE.

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but , why your chart of my txt shows a lot lab value and mine only 21 ?

it is showing you the 16x averaged 21 step lab values.

Maybe my screen had just not refreshed when I took the shot.


Sorry Walker but i don’t understand why i use 21x16 target with 336 steps and in the column on the left of the curve i see only 21 values and not 336?

Thank you!

Because these are averaged values you are seeing!!!


Ok. So also when i’ll use 256 target will i see averaged values?