Resizing advice on pg 69 of New Piezography Manual still current?

Is the following advice still current?

“Resizing is actually less effective as a way to increase the printed image size than simply scaling in the printer driver.”

Am I best using all the pixels available to me in my file and outputting at 360 dpi from my RAW processor with no scaling, perform editing in photoshop, apply sharpening for the print size and flatten the tif ready for printing?

Thanks in advance.

I would say at this point that resamples up or down to 720ppi for prints no larger than 16x20 is good form.

For anything larger you can scale in PS to 360ppi or so. Photoshop at this point is a better scaler. The driver max PPI itself is 720 (different than DPI which is 2880)



Thanks Walker! Appreciated :slight_smile:

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