Required illumination for print assessment

Can anyone come up with figures for the required illumination needed for print assessment on a wall or a table (in lux or in EV (100ASA)) in a D50/D60 environnement (which is what is required for ideal Piezography conditions, right?) ? Does 2000 Lux (10EV) sound about right?

I suggest slightly cooler than a gallery wall and slightly brighter than a gallery wall. This is a fine-art monochrome process, not commercial pre-press.

The monitor itself should be at 6000k about. Keep a decent amount of light behind the monitor in order to make sure your eyes are not too dilated.

best regards

Thank you for that!

I shall make sure to calibrate my screen to 6000k and to keep decent lighting behind it to avoid pupil dilatation.

As for the print assessment wall, I am not sure of the level of illumination required for a “gallery wall”. Can you come up with a figure as an rough guide? 2000lux (10EV) which is the figure I came across, might apply to commercial pre-press… It might therefore be too much for fine-art. An indicative figure would be helpful.

Hi Walker, is your 6000K recommendation a change from what is published in the Piezography manual (5000K)?


Yes. It’s my change. The manual was based around CRTs. LEDs really need to be at 6000k