Replaced print head for 9900 and new curves


I was using an Epson 9900 and one of the channels stopped working. I remapped them and created curves for it. Shortly after more channels stopped working so I replaced the head. I have a set of the pro inks for all the channels. The only difference is I am switching the GO out and replacing it with photo black. I know I have to remap it, but what curves would I use for Pro and DN - the pro or the K4 or K5?



You can use the K5 curves.

If you take out GO you can remap all the PK curves. You NULL out K and set the LLK to use the K channel data.


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Thanks Walker.

Is that the same for the DN and if I am using the Ultra HD Matte black and HD Photo Black?

Whatever curve was using PK in K channel should be remapped to LLK. . … but not MK. MK stays turned on on the printer and not remapped on those curves that use MK in K channel. So PIEZODN remaps and then you have live gravure/dn/matte printing.


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