Repairing a 9900 yourself

Well yesterday we took the plunge and replaced the head, ink selector and capping station on our 9900 and after an initial fill and 1 cleaning cycle we got a perfect nozzle check!

I suggest to anyone considering replacing the head on their 9890/9900/7890/7900 to take the plunge - it’s actually pretty painless and with the appropriate tools (a long thin #1 Philips magnetic screw driver) there’s really nothing to it.

I rented Eric G’s video from myx900 (which wasn’t absolutely necessary - you can follow the step by step procedures in the service and field manuals - downloadable for free from wideformat groups) but if it’s your first time the video gives you a really good overview of the procedure and what to watch out for.



Hello Pozzello. I’m trying to get my 9880 printer going. The head went bad on me and I bout a new one. I have the manual but struggling to get the wizard functioning. Did you need an older computer with older operating systems to get the adjustment wizard to function properly? I have windows 10 and a couple of mac os systems. some older.
How do I get “Eric G’s” video?

Hi Marty,

Just to confirm - yours is the older 9880 and not the 9890 ? I don’t have experience with the 9880, but the procedure is probably very similar. Eric G’s video can be rented from his website You don’t really need the video if you follow the instructions precisely from the service manual. The important part on the 9900 is the remove the proper screws when removing the head - and not some of the adjacent screws that are used for adjusting the head slant.

You can find the service manual and adjustment program on the epson wide format IO group in the files section.

the 9900 adjustment program runs on my windows 10 laptop - but I had to have the epson 9900 drivers installed first.

Maybe someone else who’s worked on a 9880 can chime in.