Remapping Mk/Pk channel

This has never happened to me, yet, but let’s say the Black channel on a 9890 or 3880 Epson goes out from clogs or whatever,
can you remap K6 or K7 black channel to another channel that isn’t being used?

Also you guys were talking about releasing a more fully carbon neutral K7 set. Did that ever pan out? It was talked about several years ago.


carbon will never be neutral but the carbon ink-set that Tyler is testing now may arrive at some point in 2023 if it seems ok . . . it’s a slightly greener-than-old-carbon carbon ink. It’s pure carbon, super glossy . . . 1 pass gloss K7 . . . (or matte if you put Ultra HD MK ink in there). It is the color that it is. There is no color pigment modification at all.


Thanks Walker.

Did you know about remapping a K channel to free channels in case that situation ever occurs?

Also I’ve discovered the print color of K7 Carbon on Moab Entrada Natural is much less reddish than other papers I’ve used.
It’s really quite a beautiful warm print color. I’m about to switch over to that but need to make a curve for it and the Arches 88 or BFK .


Yes, I’ve done this over the years for various reasons. At CEP right now we actually have a 9900 with dual MK and a P9000 with dual PK. The dual PK allows for more stable black masking for digital negatives than what is generally capable of outputting with a single channel.