Remapping Channels in the .Quad File


I have been told that the Epson 9890 printer I have with one channel missing will not work without using the K2 curves. If this is true, what are the adaptations I need to make to get the printer to read a modified K2 curve for the 9880?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Jim. You actually just need “K6” curves as long as it’s not the K channel that is dead. (these K6 curves drop the Yellow channel which is shade 7). All the K6 curves are available with the most recent commented edition at

After installing, open the piezography manual and look for “advanced topics” for remapping advice. If it is not the Y channel that is dead you can simply put the ink that would normal go in the dead channel into the Y channel use re-map the K6 curves to print with the Y channel.