Remaping channels on 9900

I’m a newbie to this forum and am just converting an older 9900 to Pro inks
I’ve watched the linearization video to get an overview of the Pro tools.
I’ve also checked the short remapping video and I think I get the idea.

Given the inset I have purchased:

UltraHD MK

It looks like the ink placement is the same for the 9890 and the 9900. In the 9900 the chosen ink set the orange and green would be free.

I have a dead PK channel, so I plan to put the HD PK in the Orange channel and the UltraHD MK in the Green channel. I’d just like to check if my understanding of the remapping process is correct.

If I print on a photo paper like Platine Fibre Rag, I remap the K cure to the orange channel (HD PK), making green NULL and original K Null.

If I print on Rag Photographique I would remap the K curve to the green channel (UltraHD MK), making orange NULL original K Null.

Screen grab attached showing my modification to a Platine Rag curve.

Have I got my thinking correct?

Are the curves I should be using are the 9900 Pro K4?

Many thanks, I want to make sure I set the inks up in the right carts.

Yes, that should be good. Obviously you’ll need to do that same thing to all PK curves separately with the pk in the green. This work out for you ok?

Sorry for the very late reply. Yes it did work perfectly and I have spent some of my isolation time learning the valuable tools in Piezo Pro and doing some linearisation. I have learnt a few lessons which may be valuable for others new to this process:

  • The you start PiezoPro it has sample data for measurements and curves. After I remaped the chanels and chose a 9900 curve for Rag Photographique 310, I didn’t clear out the measurement data. This lead me down a path of inaccurate linearisation. Now I always clear starting curve and measurement before I do anything.
    • After remapping curves the first time , eg K to Gr or K to Or to bypass a faulty PK head, the always leave K as Null and Gr as GR from then on. Don’t map K to GR again or you will end up with 0 values in Gr.

Otherwise having fun

By the way, we transplanted a better (still dead PK channel head) from a SCP9000 (9070 in Australia) to and old 9900. Works perfectly as it is the same part number, therefore head in both machines.