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Recently I have been using TK8 panel as a plug in in photoshop. After using the plugin ,When I am saving the TIFF files in save as in photoshop and then I try open in print tool for printing it shows black in the lay out and when I go back and save as copy with layers and unclick the alpha channel in save as copy the photo is seen on the lay out. The question is if unclick the alpha channel in photo shop when I save as copy in TIFF file, will I lose quality of print or will the sharpness reduce when I print on P800 printer?

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I’m pretty sure Print Tool doesn’t play well with Alpha channels. Flatten your image and try that. I’m not familiar with TK8 but as a general rule in Photoshop, any edits you’ve made in layers and channels will be rendered into the final bitmap when you flatten.

As always, save your work before the flatten process, and then save a “print-ready” tiff with the flatten imaged. Super easy to test.

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Thanks for the information. I did flatten and still it showed completely black photo in the layout. I then went to save a copy in file tab of the photoshop and unchecked the alpha channel and then saved it. after that I was able to place the same photo in the lay out of the print tool. I just wanted to know if the quality of the print will detoriate if I unblock the alpha channel and then print the photo in a 13 x19 or 17 x 22 size.

Gotcha. I think that might be a question for the creators of TK8.

Could be easy to do a test, though. Create two prints at your final size; one with and one without. Find an area that has the detail you are concerned about losing, and make a “test strip” crop from both images. Print the smaller tests and visually compare.

Hi Vipul,

Go to your channels palette located under the layers palette and delete any channels EXCEPT the RGB, Red, Green, and Blue channels. Save and close. That should do it.


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hello Lincoln,
thank you.I did it and it.thank you once again for your input.

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