Refilling Carts


I have installed oversized, 60ml carts with Piezo K7 inks in my Epson R3000 since when, on two separate occasions, printing of digital negatives stopped part way through with an error message that the printer could not recognise a cartridge. As in each case the respective ink level was low, I topped up the cart, reinserted and everything returned to normal.

That got me thinking, whether I have to wait until individual cartridges give the same message indicating their ink level is low or if it is possible to top up all carts at the same time without waiting for this to happen.

Any advice would be welcome.


W Hume




Sadly the ink level and chip level are totally independent things (I wish they weren’t). The only way for the chip to reset is for it to print until it does so. Import laws prohibit us from selling user-resettable chips for this printer. An extra set of chips could be handy for you if you want to ensure that the printer does not stop at a critical point in neg-making. These chips/bases are easy snapped off and more-full chips can be snapped on.





Many thanks for the explanation. Whilst it is a nuisance, once all the carts have been individually refilled, I will have a reasonable time before the same happens.

The inconvenience is minor compared to the significant advantage of using Piezo K7 inks. The digital negatives are much smoother and the platinum/palladium prints show greater detail and a far superior ability to distinguish tones when compared to using QTR with OEM colour inks on my Epson 4900.

Congratulations to all at Piezography & Inkjet Mall for a great product.

W Hume.