Refillable Carts Very Difficult to Remove

I spent over 15 minutes attempting to remove IJM Refillable Carts from both of my 3880 printers this morning. It used to be if I depressed the grey release latch and kept it depressed during removal, and or lifted slightly on the cart at the same time, the cart would release after 5 or so attempts. I made numerous (25-40/cart) attempts latching and releasing before I got most to release. It appears there is a design flaw in these carts.

What feature on the cart is the latch? Any idea how to keep from needing this much effort to remove a cartridge?

Two things.

  1. Tape down the back of the control chip to the cartridge (this is what is sticking).

  2. When releasing the cartridge, continue to hold the release lever down but push the cartridge in by a mm or so and then pull out.


I had the same experience but found they come out easily if you hold down the release lever down until the cartridge is all the way out.