Reduce negative by one stop

Hi Everyone,

I have gone through all the step for calibrating a digital negative, but I find it to be about one stop too dark. Is there a way to reduce it by one stop without having to redo everything?



yeah, you can simply tune is with the manual tuner in PPEv2.

  1. Open a reference image.
  2. Make a curve that “darkens” your image about as much as the current curve is darkening your image. The curve should have 5 data points (excluding the top and bottom point)/
  3. Copy and paste the input and output data points into PPEv2 but the output of PS curve should be INPUT in PPEv2 and input should be output.
  4. Delete measurement data.
  5. Copy paste your dark PiezoDN curve into the Starting Curve and then copy/past new curve back to your dark curve that is opened in Sublime txt.
  6. Save install and print.

One note though, if you have calibrated and it’s dark this is indicative of variable darkroom/printer conditions over time . . .so the next print may be way light.


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