Redriver double-sided paper for photobook

I want to print a photo book and I’m considering using a lightweight double-sided paper from redriver. Can I get similar dmax values using piezography pro inks as I do with Hahnemuhle Photo rag 188/308 ?

I would have used the Photorag duo but it has been discontinued in 13x19 sheets.

Probably you can. RedRiver is generally private labeling all the main paper makers. But if it’s a really thin stock it may be slightly less dMax. But the UHD matte black ink is still going to print darker on that than what epson is printing on HPR308.


Thanks Walker. What double-sided matte and gloss papers do you recommend for a photobook?

really any of them. Piezo works well on most papers at this point (even uncoated!)


OK good to know. So far I’ve only used HPR with the piezography pro inks - but before I could only get decent density with hot press using the epson k3 inks.

Is it safe to say that with most matte papers the piezography inks will give a density close to 1.8?

I would say between 1.74 and 1.83ish for most coated matte papers,


Fantastic :smiley: :+1: