Reddish tint in prints

I’m getting a reddish tint in my prints. Ten months ago I made the first tests on a 9900 printer, it has been sitting idle since then. I’m doing some prints now but they come out a lot more red than before.
In the tests I got a beautiful brown warm tone, not anymore.
Can the inks go old ? Is it too warm in the printer room ?
Any ideas ?
You can see in the photo. Same settings, same paper ( one in sheet, one in roll ).
Different images but you can still see the difference.

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Sitting for 10 months? YES!. You need to agitate your inks every week or so and run regular nozzles checks and cleanings.


Sorry ! I’m a very bad person. I will try to better myself.
What can I do now, will I have to change to new cartridges or should I top them up and shake them, ( they are about half-full now ) ?

Shake the carts well, let settle for a few hrs, then prime them, and run a few power cleanings on all channels. This should get it back.


Thanks again Walker.
I’m loosing count of have many times you have saved my back.

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