Red inks?

Seems like not only the Chroma Optimiser is suffering from the Piezo Flush reds.
I have switched to MK papers - and I have a red cast in the light colors.The attachment shows the output of the neutral and the cool chart. What do you suggest?

Thanks, Markus

Hi Markus,

Merry Christmas! As I recall this ink installation is in an old 7900 printer that you were trying to recover one or more clogged heads in. I assume that you recovered the print head and are now installing the Piezography Pro inks after PiezoFlushing the printer. The red in the inks is PiezoFlush. Normally, a single INIT FILL moves ink from the inside of the cartridge to just past the print head. There will be some residual mixing of the PiezoFlush with the ink as the ink enters into the ink dampers of the ink exchanger. And this is normal to some extent - requiring some amount of printing until the residual stain is gone. OR - run a second INIT FILL to really clear it!

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Thanks Jon

Same to you :slight_smile:

The 7900 has had a head replacement. The dampers were fine, so was the cleaning station. The nozzle check was perfect with colors so I installed the Piezo flush carts for 20 minutes with an init fill. The maintenance tank was brand new from the head replacement.

Then I installed the Piezo Pro carts and did a second Init Fill. As reported I had the red staining in the light inks and the GCO. I tried to get rid of it by printing GCO sheet wise but did not succeed. Then I switched to MK and saw the same problem in the light and very light tones as well. Before doing a third init fill/cleaning I checked the maintenance tank saying that it still had 20 % - and it was flooding the printer…

After cleaning this mess, I entered maintenance mode and cleaned the very light and light tones (LLK/ and Or/Gr) pairwise using CL4. Before I did some testing with linearising but of course this does not make sense if the output is not how it should be. Blacks are impressive already. (> 1.8) … After the CL4 it looks as if the red cast has gone and I will restart testing before doing another Init Fill.

Just 3 more questions:

  1. how would you continue when using a different not-profiled paper such as Museo Portfolio Rag? Does it make sense to start based on the quad-curve from Moab Somerset Museum Rag?

  2. Have you seen the problem with the Color Pro target? It would be handy if you could measure the target from left to right and not the other way round. I will flip the target for now…

  3. Is there a way for printing channel-wise. There are files for channel printing in the QuadTone section but I doubt that they would work for the Pro inks too?

Just to add: I have already one very nice print, very close to Warm Neutral and no red cast on Portfolio Rag - just in time before Christmas eve :slight_smile:

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Your situation is very normal - you need to work out the PiezoFlush that was mixed with the inks where they intersect in the dampers. It will eventually.

1 Follow the Deluxe Edition manual Chapter 9, Linearizing Piezography with Piezography Professional Edition Tools. We set the system up so that you can linearize any paper.

2 What do you mean by Color Pro - do you mean ColorPort?

3 The channel printing works regardless of what inks are installed. It would work with color inks or Piezography inks. It is meant to separate by ink channel.

Good news about your successful print. Sounds like you’re on your way.