Re-priming one line in 9900

My 9900 ran one ink line dry. Is there a procedure for re-filling one line, or do we need to do an initial fill or some other kind of major cycle?

yikes, this can cause the damper film to stick together and result in “damper lock” . . . .

I suggest refill, open the front cover and trick the leaf switch so the front cover can remain open.

Run a powerful cleaning on the channel pair and watch for ink movement. It should go pretty fast. Continue channel pair power cleans until the ink is through the damper.

Thanks Walker- I neglected to mention the channel with GO ran dry so I can’t see anything moving through the lines.

By “powerful cleanings on a channel pair” are you meaning a Level 4 cleaning on the channel pair in service mode?

Is there a certain number of paired channel cleanings that is safe to run without worrying about causing damage?

Looks like 2 cleanings (paired channel cleanings in service mode, on CL4 setting) did the trick. Was able to get a successful nozzle check and also a good print.