? re: OEM chips underneath reset chips on 3880 refillable carts


I am in the process of installing the IJM refillable carts with PiezoPro on a brand new (refurbished) 3880. It has not been used yet. I have a new set of Epson OEM inks but rather than removing the OEM chips from these, I would like to install a separate set of OEM chips underneath the auto reset chips. Does IJM have for sale the original OEM chips for this purpose? If not, what is the best way to remove the OEM chips from the cartridges without damaging them? Thanks, Gil


A small thumb-tack will do perfectly. Just push in and pry up from the corner and it will pop out no problemo.

We are incredibly low on our OEM chips currently at IJM. We try to keep them for customers who have old messed up OEM chips if possible.