RE-(aka double) linearize + remapped


I need a sanity check. I’m 74 and I don’t remember what I did years ago to RE-linearize my QTR-Piezo curves files.

I’m trying to put a final sanity-tweak on a -previously- linearized curve, which I created years ago. Run a linearize and then run it -again- on the output from the first linearization.

I’m on a 3880 with Selenium ink. (Never managed to get into the full pro stuff, and I’m keeping it simple.)

My hardware however required a channel swap because the Magenta channel got clogged. I swapped M with LLK .

I have printed the Piezography-21x16step-i1Pro2.tif image using my currently linearized (and channel swapped) curve for the paper (Epson Hot Press Natural).

Next, I use my i1 Pro 2 to take the readings and export in a format I can get into the special Excel spreadsheet.

And it’s here that I’m uncertain what to do next.

What do I use to compare my readings to? Do I use the same linearized curve I printed with to compare with the actual CGATs readings? Why would I not need a table of -expected/correct- values for the target?

AND, when it comes to using the spreadsheet to generated the new curve, am I going to run into some troubles because of the channel swapping in my printing curve, or does it come out in the wash if I’m comparing that curve to the readings?

In short, I’ve got a previously linearized curve, which also includes a swapped channel. I’m trying to RE-linearize it, just to polish off any rough edges. ( I know I did this before a few years ago, I just don’t remember HOW I did it…)

What are the steps I should be taking to do that. (I actually have about 6 different paper curves I’d like to run through this process, so I’d like to understand what I’m doing.)

Here’s the full video:

Basically as long as the curve you used to print the target you are measuring (aka, the remapped curve) and you put that curve into the “Starting Curve” sheet and the measurements into the “Measurements” sheet, everything should work just fine as per the video.


Thank you. (Your patience and courtesy always impress me.)

Well, shoot. The file Piezography-21x16step-i1Pro2.pwxf does not remotely match the tif by the same name along side it. Too many columns, wrong layout.


Fixed one here: (8.3 KB)


Thanks, Walker. All good.