Raising the dead... an Epson of course

embarking on a ressurection of a 7800 that has sat for some years. Even though purge fluid was loaded, there were several nozzle problems before shutdown. It had been a Piezo printer that worked fairly well before sitting.

Hoping some experienced piezo/ printer doctors here may have some input.

I plan to do several piezoflushes, instal new dampers, thoroughly clean cap and wiper, or replace if necessary.


Order of things- dampers first then flushes? The reverse? Maybe force fluid through the lines when they are disconnected for damper replacement?

The head, while the dampers are off for replacement, would it be useful to syringe some piezoflush into the head, maybe let that soak… etc., even force fluid through? Is there a possibility of damaging the head?

Thanks for any advice, Tyler

Tyler- I’d start with a series of routine Piezo cleaning flushes and a good overnight soaking of the head on cleaned and saturated pads. I assume you’ve already done that. I haven’t tried the syringe in years but can’t see the harm in trying. Are you trying to recover all eight channels? How many are clean now?

if you are doing the head manually let soak overnight (a few mm on the head plate) and then suck backwards to remove any debris that may be in the inlet spike.


thank you both, it hasn’t been on in years, I’m not sure how many nozzles are good/bad. Whether or not I do the head I guess depends on how well everything else goes first. I found an old post from Jon advising someone to make sure the lines were clean with the old dampers before doing repeated cleaning with new dampers, to avoid sending any crap that was in the lines to the new ones, and an old note from Walker to clean the connectors on the control panel cable… I’d like to have all positions/nozlzles working and make this my main piezo printer, getting rid of my 9880 Which is working perfectly!). I won’t take it too far though, I’m sure I can find good old 7880 which would be far more reliable in the long run. Just to get this kind of info on the forum, I’ll post results here. Need to order a bunch of flush…

My 7880 and 4880 have been real workhorses. I got both used, too. If you can find a 7880, I’d recommend it.

agreed, my 9880 is the most reliable epson I’ve ever had, and I’ve had it a long time. If the 7800 turns into a ridiculous challenge it’ll be out the door and I’ll find a 7880 somewhere