Question on ink positions

Just got the inks and carts to convert a 4800 to a PiezoDN/P2 printer - I was sent 9 empty carts, 7 bottles of ink, and one of GO - I understand fully that the PK ink needs to be installed in the Y position - what is not clear (and I looked all over the various instructions available ) is whether to use the Y cart or the PK cart. I am 90% sure that it should be the Y cart - but that is not good enough - thanks

Check out our Piezography Ink Placement charts here:



Thanks for the reply, saw the chart when I was trying to figure it out the first time - It tells me the position for the PK, which I understood- not which cart to use - although as I said I am 90% + certain it should be the Y cart so the chip would match; but in that case why send me a PK cart with the set unless perhaps it should be used and put into the Y position? Thus the question… which remains unanswered

Use the Yellow cartridge in the Yellow slot. Put PK ink in it.

Printers by and large do not accept cartridges of the wrong chip-type or channel-type (aka a PK cartridge in the Yellow slot).



Thanks, that’s what I thought, just wanted to be sure -