Question about Piezography on Mac

I have installed all the necessary software on my new Mac M1 Mini and I am ready to start printing. I’m coming from Windows, so the procdure is more complicated than what I am used to. Here are two questions.

(1) I want to install the P400-PiezoDN-P2 printer and quads that came with it. But I also want to bring over some quads that I previously linearized on Windows. Can I just simply add those quads to the directory before running the install command for the first time?

(2) The _ReadMe.pdf tells how to remove quads that are no longer needed AFTER they are already installed. This involves removing them in two places, deleting the printer model, and reinstalling it using the install command. I get that. But what if you want to ADD a new quad? Do you follow the same steps as when removing a quad? Or, can you simply place a copy of the new quad into each of the two locations without removing the printer or running the install command?

You run the install command to install curves you have in that folder. So run it anytime you add a curve.


And is it actually required that my P400 printer be turned on when I run the install command?

Yes, it has to find the printer on the USB devices list,