Question about K7 vs Piezo Pro inks

I have worked with K7 neutral inks for years and am still pleased with the results, but I will be setting up a new printer and have questions about the K7 vs Piezo Pro ink sets,

  1. If I set up Piezo Pro inks to print a neutral balance with Matt black, should I expect K7 inks and Piezo Pro inks, properly linearized, to create similar results? I assume the answer is yes but wondered if anyone has any comments about possible advantages working with Piezo Pro to create a neutral print?

  2. When Piezo Pro is set up to print a neutral balance, are all carts of dark, medium, and light warm and cool inks being drawn from roughly equally or is a smaller amount of warm ink being mixed with cool ink?

  3. Because Piezo Pro is a newer ink formulation, should I expect to see fewer head clog issues with the Piezo Pro than K7 inks?

  4. Do you have plans to offer individual bottles of K7 inks package with the one time chips for the P8000 or P9000?

  5. Will you be selling 7 ink sets of Piezo Pro packaged with the one time chips for the P8000 or P9000?

  6. Just to. confirm, with the Piezo Pro ink, I will need to do 3 different linearizations curves for printing? Do you recommend a 2nd linearization be done from each of the new curve created from the 1st linearizations?

Thanks, Drew Harty

Actually it’s slightly different due to different materials used. In general, IMO, PiezoPro makes a better neutral.

No. Cool side is less saturated that warm side and it’s paper dependent but roughly 19% warm and 81% cool make a neutral.

I’ve been running Piezo inks since 2001 before they were encapsulated and gradually saw the inks get better and better. Since around 2006 when K7 came out as encapsulated I personally have seen way less clogs with Piezo than Epson OEM. 80% of clogs at this point are humidity or air-bubble related IMO. PiezoPro brings it to another level though because we do post encapsulation and filtering before the bottle stage. We go months with a printer sitting in Piezo ink and then we can agitate the carts, turn the printer on, and run 1 cleaning and every nozzle is good.

Not at moment but we can do special orders if this is a requirement.

We can do special order.

You can do just 2 and then blend the Warm/Cool curves into a “neutral” curve.