QuadToneRIP Missing from Layout Menu


I’ve been using Piezo Pro successfully on an Epson 4800 with the supplied curves since it’s release. I’ve finally gotten around to doing the linearization. All went well with printing, measuring, and creating linearized curves using the 51-Step Target.

However, ever since I created and installed the linearized quads, the QuadToneRIP option has disappeared from the Layout Menu - my only options are Layout, Paper Handling, and Cover Page - screenshot attached.

So far, I’ve shut down and restarted the computer and printer, deleted and re-installed the printer, and deleted and re-installed the Epson driver, QTR, Piezography Community Edition, and Print Tool. I’ve also removed my newly linearized curves. I’m on a Mac running OS 10.10.4.

Nothing has worked so far and I’m not able to print. Any ideas or suggestions?

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I’m not a Mac user, but I remember reading somewhere that this can happen with QTR on the Mac if you have a quad filename that has a blank in it. Check the new quads you made…do any of them have a blank in the filename? If so, I’d rename them, re-install and see if that helps.



This is because a curve that you are trying to install had too many characters (over 32 characters).

You will need to delete the curve and printer and re-install QTR, and re-install the printer/curves.

View this thread for solution to same problem: http://piezography.com/topic/problem-with-print-tool-and-piezodn/





Thank you for the help!

The names were indeed longer than 32 characters. I had deleted the new curves from the Piezography folder, but missed the second location.

Back in business!