Quad9900-ProK5 not installing in Mojave

I get this message on all Pro or DN installs from attempts in both Printer _Installers and Curves.

Side note: Walker have you tried loading both Java 6 and 8 in Catalina then open ColorPort?

After again reloading both Community and Pro I have the printers installed and listed under printer, but still unable to load curves. Numerous IT issues with conversion from my 08 tower to cylinder, but all have been resolved except this.

I checked permissions, they were fine. It is only a few pinter installers and curves installs that don’t work. However, I simply created the folder needed for each set of curves and that solved the problem.

Any idea when Pro 5 DN curves will be placed in that folder?

Hey Don,

If I remember right from the last time I had something like this (can’t find the thread - maybe about a month ago), the permissions appear to be ok, but reinstalling QTR solves the problem.


Thank Keith - No joy for printer installer. Tried Quad9900-ProK4pkg, as that is not installed. Same failure.

BTW, only load the Mohave QTR release (2.7.9) Catalina (2.7.10) won’t install in Mohave.

Still using High Sierra here.

Walker, I have 3.1 installed as that seemed numerically to be more recent than 3.02. However, I was still on 3.02 this morning when I started today’s little project. Should I go back to 3.02?

Also, I have been using the October 2019 DN 2.8 release since its release.

Downloading v3.1 CE on my Mac mini High Sierra box. The only curve it had for Pro5 DN was one Beta curve. Will let you know if I get more with 3.1. I can just copy those over to my Mohave boxes.

Not only did I not get any additional curves in K5Pro DN but now I would have to manually install the Beta curve as High Sierra now has the same issues I have with Mohave.

This is a three yr old thing you are trying to install. Download most recent project and run the install.command.


Yabutt, and I do see that is true, that means neither CE v3.01 nor 3.1 are overwriting previous version.

they don’t DELETE anything. if you have stuff from three yrs ago than yeah, it’s still gonna be there.


Understood. So there is nothing newer in Quad9900-ProK4pkg? My concern is I may not be getting the newest files in these Pro folders, including curves. But now I am thinking I should delete the Quad9900-ProK4pkg and Quad9900-ProK5pkg folders in curves and use 7900-9900- Piezo DN-Pro curves? The paper curves for 9900 Pro sets are extensive, and quite great starting points.

call me don