QTR-Linearize-Quad input for 2nd iteration


In an attempt to make my question (previous thread, unanswered so far) more clear, I’ve drawn it up in visual terms (I like to have a visual understanding of processes that have many steps).

Which is correct, “Linearization Process A”, or “Linearization Process B” ?

(Having trouble getting both files uploaded. Let me try again…)

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PP-Linearization-B.pdf (177 KB)

PP-Linearization-B-1.pdf (177 KB)

PP-Linearization-A.pdf (177 KB)


Linearization B is correct however your “master” curve in this situation can be any curve that gets you closest to a linear print. It does not have to be the same as our previous “custom profile” workflow where a customer had to print with a special master curve that we then would linearize in-house with their mailed target.

So, in your case, “Master Curve” can be a stand-in for any curve that you are starting out with to create a linear curve for your printer/paper/ink.

Good graphic BTW!





OK, many thanks. I finally got the “A” PDF to upload so it is there now (still figuring out how this Wordpress forum plugin works :frowning:

Yes, I think I understand the nuance of what “master curve” means in relation to earlier Piezo systems. For PiezoPro, I am using “Master Curve” to mean the master curves you’ve provided specifically for PiezoPro (in my case the K4 curves for x900). It’s my starting point for now.

But you’ve answered the question which was nagging me. I can now go back and redo the final step by using the intermediate quad as input to QTR-Linearize-Quad for the papers I’ve done so far.

Feel free to use the graphics if they would be any help in future docs (I can supply the original .vsd files if needed).