QTR Ink Separation Print overinking


Hello Walker, I tried printing a QTR Ink Separation print and it is severely over-inked. What are the normal settings for this beyond what is listed on the image itself ? Thanks, Tom


This looks like you are printing on the wrong side of the paper. Can you confirm?



Definitely the correct side, it was the first thing checked. It happened on a second attempt that I aborted so as not to have ink all over the printhead. I made a normal print on the same paper using an appropriate curve and that print was fine.


Seems to be a bug in calibration mode to me. I suggest re-installing QuadtoneRIP and trying again.



thanks Walker. I haven’t printed in about two weeks, so I shook the carts and wanted to print something to compare to when the shaken ink from the carts makes to the printhead. I figured this target would be good, but I suppose a linearization ramp would work just as well.


FYI, updated calibration image:

VPI-10InkSep.tif.zip (674.2 KB)



Thanks again Walker. I’ll try this new target before the re-install.

Would you recommend waiting to print, say overnight, after shaking carts ? To let air bells work their way out of the ink ?


Yeah. Let sit overnight. Do a cleaning and then run the print.



Thanks Walker - Your new file printed fine*.

What would the purpose of the cleaning run be ?

Thanks again Walker

*the image must be just a hair too long as when placed on 8.5 x 11 with default borders it is slightly clipped. Nothing visible is clipped and I made sure the clipped edge was where the zero patches are. FYI


The original tif has an error where the letters were causing all channels to fire (instead of just a K channel). This causes over-inking on some papers.