QTR Folder Missing

So the master curve for DN was posterizing badly using the classic test chart with 16bit gradient, and I had a reference version from a while ago that did not exhibit this, so I reinstalled QTR to no avail. Per Walker’s suggestion, I just deleted the whole QTR folder from applications, and from the Library>Printers folder, then reinstalled QTR again, but after adding the printers and going through the install commands etc, the QTR folder is now missing entirely from Library>Printers… curves show up in Print-Tool, but this is disconcerting, and also, there are old curves I need to delete but can’t because I’m assuming stuck in some weird hidden QTR folder.

What should I do to get the QTR folder to show up again and ensure there’s no corruption etc?


also tried manually adding a QTR folder and subsequent printer folders within, but that disappeared after running install command

Please share screenshots so I can wrap my overloaded brain around the problem

Hi, looks like there are two different Printers folders, and the one I usually deal with was redundant or… something. I usually have a bookmarked folder to the hidden users Library folder (Go > [Press Option} > Library) that I then go to the Printers folder, QTR.

I found that while I deleted the QTR folder from there and reinstalled, these icons show up in place of the QTR folder, but the QTR folder is still extent in Macintosh HD > Library > Printers.

Not sure if this is still gonna be a potential corruption issue. See screenshots: