QTR-Curve View App


As I’ve been going through the process of making profiles for Museo Max and re- profiling the Cone type V paper to see if I could match your results, I inadvertently opened one of my profiles with the QTR Curve View app and noticed that there are some striking similarities amongst some of the profiles. For instance, the Epson hot press, the Cone type II, the Hahn Photo rag, and the profiles that I made for theMuseo Max Max seem to be essentially the same. Comparing a curve from the Moab LasalMatte, the total ink was 10 points less and the black curve was quite different which made sense. As I got into Making the profile that I was making I realized I was going to come up with the same results. Which is good.

So I can assume if I’m reading the Curve View correctly that a lot of these curves are interchangeable? As long as, in my case, I stick with the Epson 3800files?


Yeah. I would say most of the matte curves are between 2% and 5% different from each other.