QTR and Print Tool print size issue

Hello Team

My first time posting here.
I run a Fine Art imaging studio in Auckland New Zealand and started using Pieziography in May 2021.
I have recently run into a very strange scenario on my Epson 7900. The printer was working fine until late last year when QTR/Print Tool started printing on only a portion of the sheet. No matter what I did the print size remained 21cm wide.
I have recently upgraded to a Mac studio and have completely re-installed QTR, Print Tool and Piezography Pro, created new instances of the x900 K4 and K5 curves.
The issue persists.
To trouble shoot where the issue may be I’m able to print successfully via the native Epson 7900 driver from Print Tool. But when printing from the K4 or K5 curves, the print remains truncated.
The image bellow shows the same image printed using the Epson 7900 driver from Print Tool(bellow) and the truncated image(above) printed using the K4 curve.

Any suggestions would be most welcome as it’s driving me nuts.


Dear John, please post screenshots of your workflow. Devil’s in the details


Some pics of my workflow:

This is an example of what’s printing.
The full width image is printed from Print Tool using the native Epson 7900 driver and the truncated image is printed using the Quad7900 print drivers installed.

Hello All

So, an update to my saga.

I have done some test prints and everything is normal on standard A4 sheets.

Looks like I have been using the incorrect roll width dimensions for the 7900.

I have been setting the width as 610mm which has resulted in the printer behaving strangely and truncating the image.

Now remember that the correct width settings is 609mm for a 24" roll

The printer is now printing as it should :wink:



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