QTR and empty areas


One of the ways I’ve been solving the roller issue, 1/8" on the borders of QTR and the start/stop performance of the Epson 1430 is by feeding a 13x19 sheet with a guide and taped edges. For example, I have a 13x19" sheet with an outline of a 11x14" and I tape my paper there. Feed it and all is good. Great edge to edge printing, at least close enough to mat.

Except, and this is likely a QTR question, the printer goes through the motions of printing the blank, paper-white 2.5 inches on the top and another 2.5 inches on the bottom. Now this might just be a RIP thing, but it’s quite time consuming when I have a few jobs to run.

Has anyone found a way to turn off this ‘feature’? I haven’t tried non Piezo profiles, but I doubt the Piezo profiles are causing this.