Putting old 3800 carts in p800. Chip question

I have a couple of questions about getting my inks and carts set up on my p800. It’s taken a while, as I wanted to make sure the printer wasn’t a lemon. The chip decoder board is in (It really is easy to do!) and I will flush out the colored inks next.

In the instructions for setting up the chip decoder board it said to keep the CONTROL chips in the carts, even though they are not used. Are these the little chips that are specific to each cart, or the big chips?

I will be reusing the carts that were in my 3800, which were filled unconventionally to accommodate nozzle problems. Since the chip decoder board will eliminate the need for specific chips in the p800 am I right in thinking it doesn’t matter which cart goes in which slot? For example, I currently have a yellow cart, that was in the yellow slot of the 3800 , that is full of Shade 2. I plan to put the yellow cart with the Shade 2 into the Cyan slot (Where Shade 2 normally goes for a P2 set.). As long as I am sure I am compulsive about re-labeling the carts, this should work, right? In other words, there is no need to switch around either the big or the little chips, right?

I will be using the P2 Ink Placement and PiezoDN curves. I will place an order for gloss so I’ll be already to set things up. (I’ve gotten by without using gloss up until now.)



These are the big chips.


no need


Thanks! Glad I could ask easy to answer questions this time.