Purge yellow channel on 7900

I am using the QTR yellow purge on print tool, but it isn’t clearing at all with piezo flush in the cartridge. It appears that the LM shade 5 is printing and not the yellow . I trying to install PK into the yellow in order to print DN negs on the 7900.
Any suggestions?

It requires 2 prints of 20"x90" sizes to purge the line on this printer. Have you done this?


I have done this several times with 17x22 paper. The problem is that it is purging the LM ink instead of the Y which is on the QTR yellow purge file on Print Tool. Can I get a new Piezography file with new purge files? Should I open a new piezo Pro (PPE) download?

QTR-Y-flush.tif.zip (7.0 KB)

As long as you use the file above to purge and as long as you are in Calibration Mode in quadtonerip (not 16bit mode) than it will purge the Y,