Purge Files LLK (gloss) printing black

While on vacation I let my p800 sit with Piezo Flush in preparation for switching from Epson inks to Piezography Ink. Ink is installed as the P2 set.

I’m using a MAC. (finally). My Print Tool/Quad windows are set at Quadp800 HDP2 for printer and calibration mode. Why when printing the LLK flush file (qtr.llk flush.tif)to clear the pink from the gloss does it print grey/black? I also printed the 8 and 10 ink purge files, and not one area printed clear with gloss.

I also tried printing the LLK flush file with the Quadp800 PiezoDNP2 printer with the same unexpected grey/black results.
My nozzle check is slightly pink in LLK. (gloss installed) so I am positive I have not switched the inks.

It seems I only ask hard questions. I guess that means that the site really is set up so that in most cases I can find the answers myself. I’m stumped this time. Sorry.