Profiling a new paper


When I profile a new paper - do I have to reprofile all 3 profiles (W/N/C) or would it make sense to profile W and C and use the blend tool afterwards?

Thanks, Markus


Just one more question: if I profile a new glossy paper: can I do this based on the standard profile and use the values from the Error corrector for all different GCO-Quads?


Yes. Find a curve that is for a paper that is closest to your paper. The values from that print will “characterize” your printer and these values can generally be applied to all the other curves available and will bring them “into spec” for your printer. It is not as perfect as linearizing directly to each individual physical paper, but better than nothing.




Sorry. Just saw your first question. It’s your choice on whether to just do W and C and blend them to make neutral or to linearize the Neutral independently. I would suggest the first as it’s less printing and work.