Profile Linearization with a Spyder Print device


I used my Spyder Print device to measure a 256-step target with Datacolor’s Spyder Print software. Choosing LAB values and ‘export to txt’ gives me a list of all of the LAB values of the patches. I can successfully copy these values from Sublime Text with no problem and pasted them into the ‘measurement’ page. If I understand the procedure correctly, I know have load in the original values from the measurement target, but I don’t see how to do that, as I can’t use Colorport.


You’ve already done the measurement part. Now find the .quad curve that you used to print the target, open this in SublimeText and copy/paste this into the New Curve section. After that go to your home screen to check measurement smoothness and falses.

Video here:



Thanks, Walter. I did read the manual and watch the video before posting. :slight_smile: Anyway, may I resize the targets to print on a bigger sheet of paper? That would make reading the charts manually much easier.


fine to resize.

Walker (with a K)