Problems Using CGATs Smoother tool for Linearization

Dear Walker

  1. I have done the “limiter” part and OK to produce a limited.quad file.
  2. Then, I used the limited.quad file to print a negative and darkroom print the 129 patches for linearization purpose.
  3. I use i1Pro2 to scan the print out. (question: I select 8 rows and 16 columns. Is it ok??? Or I should select 8 rows and 17 columns??? Please advice) (i did try both but still failed)
  4. I saved the file under CGATS format….a text file format.
  5. I select the information Lab from the above text file and then paste it onto “CGATs smoother excel” under curve, and then copy the CGATS data to a new spread sheet.
  6. BUT finally I still cannot create a LIN curve.
As you may remember, I have tone reversal problem on my printer…is it the main reason I cannot linearize ??? I must resolve this problem otherwise all my prints will be BAD.
Please help.
PS> I read and read the whole menu and spend 12 hours today on it…. (I did read the menu…please help.) Also please see the attachment. Did I use the right 129 targets???

Ok. So I’m not sure what you are doing by selecting whole columns. When you export the data out of i1Profiler you need to do so by choosing cgats and then lab data only.

Open that .txt file in Excel. You will see a column titled Lab_L. Really you ONLY need that data. You select from the top number to the bottom number (129 rows, numbers only) and copy that data.

This is the data that you past into the L* column of the smoother tool.