Problems installing windows curves

I followed instructions for windows version by copying all the curve directories to Quadtone directory. They show up in QTR but it gives error saying it can not find .ppd file. How do I create .ppd files?



Make sure to copy them into one of the existing curve folders (aka, if you have a 3880, put the curves into either the 3880 or 3880-K7 folder.)




Hi Walker,


Thanks that worked, as the new curves are selectable in QTR with no error.

I have another question:

Before getting PiezoDN and new special HD blk ink(PK & MK), I was using curve P2M-PZDN-X800-Meth3-1_6v3 with Selenium inks 1,2,2.5,3,4.5,5,6 edited to map 2.5 from M to Y due to Magenta head not working.

For printing digital negs for Pt/Pd or Gum Bichromate, do you recommend using the HD MK ink and getting rid of 2.5 and 4.5 and adding 4 and not having gloss optimizer since my Magenta head is broken?



The HDMK ink is too fragile and too opaque. I don’t suggest using it.

The HD-PK and old “opaque black” WN1 work fine.



By the way. The PiezoDN for Windows system has been updated with easy-to-use curve installers.

It is now also out of Beta.