Problem with QTR Linearize


UPDATE:The 21 step.XL file works now on mac, so I re-entered the data and made a new .txt file. Now when I drop it and the .quad file to be modified onto the QTR-linearize app, it generates the -out.txt file and a quad-out.txt file, but no new .quad file. Attached are the .txt files in question.


I’ve successfully flushed and installed the PZ-DN carts in my 3800 and successfully printed images and step wedges. However, the stock curve is off more than I expected, so I followed the directions for printing and scanning a 21 step wedge, noting the vales in the Excel file, cutting and pasting the values from the CGATS page into a new excel file and saved it as a tab delimited text file. I’ve dragged both the new .txt file and the .quad file that I want to modify over the QTR-Linearize app, it clicks and whirs and creates a the new Quad-lin file and a -out.txt file, but the newly modified quad file isn’t recognized as a quad file. The mini icon to the left of the file name is blank. I’ve attached the .txt file, the -out.txt file, and the new non-working .quad file.


3880-PiezoDN-Pd-Ox-IJM.quad-out.txt (122 KB)

JT_Aug-30-Workbook2-out.txt (14.4 KB)

JT_Aug-30-Workbook2.txt (2.51 KB)


Oh. Sorry, I see what you are doing. With the 21step scanner tool data, you pulled this over the wrong dropout. You want to pull the .quad and the .txt over the QTR-Linearize-Quad droplet, not the QTR-Linearize-Data droplet.





Change the curve ending from .quad to .txt and upload


I built a new .quad based on your linearization txt and installed it. (I just used some random .quad). It works perfectly. The only thing I can think is that your .quad has some character in its name that is messing up QTR.


Hi Walker,

Attached are the original and modified quad files renames with txt suffixes.



3880-PiezoDN-Pd-Ox-IJM-lin.txt (8.29 KB)

3880-PiezoDN-Pd-Ox-IJM.txt (10.4 KB)


Installed the .quad. Works just fine.


Did you place this quad file inside of your curve folder and re-install the printer and see if it’s in the quadtone driver’s curve menu?




Aha. I didn’t realize that the printer needed to be re-installed. I did that and the new curve now appears in the print dialog box. I went back and checked the deluxe manual on Page 86 that I referenced for this linearization process and I don’t see any mention of re=installing the printer. It might be a good addition to the next update.




This is covered in the introduction to piezography and quadtonerip in the manual.


Are you measuring the film and not the paper?


You seem to be trying to linearize your densities of film instead of the printed densities on a darkroom paper. Density is a LOG value so it should actually not me linear to make a good print, and anyway PiezoDN works off the printed densities in L* values.

This has tripped up a few people in the past. PiezoDN works off of printed darkroom patches, not film densities. In that way it’s incredibly more fine-tuned and also simple.




Hi Walker,

I just did it again onto the QTR-Linearize-Quad droplet and the same thing happened as when I originally wrote to you. The newly generated -lin.quad file does not appear to be legit. Attached are the text files in question. I can’t send you the new ,quad file as I get a message that it is not valid.



JT_Aug-30-Workbook2-1.txt (2.51 KB)

JT_Aug-30-Workbook2-out-1.txt (11.4 KB)