Problem with Platinum Rag

I have not seen this problem reported elsewhere, but the latest packs of HPR I purchased have embedded dark fibres running in bands across many of the sheets. Has anyone else seen this?

Before coating, the fibers are only visible when the sheet is held up to a strong light but they are clearly visible as dark fibers after coating (with Pt/Pd). After printing, the area around the fibers are lighter than the surround where the coating has, presumably, not taken evenly.

I have sent samples to Hahnemuhle for investigation. The batch number of my paper is X203381.

I have not seen this but have only the original batch. We have not QC’d the second batch yet and are generally paranoid about all of this.

We still have OG batch at for sale though.






Here is a cruddy photo - the fibers can be seen if you zoom in.

I might have to purchase some ink from IJM if I cannot resolve an ‘issue’ with Falter in Poland regarding an order I placed with them for Piezography ink (I think IJM and Falter are cutting ties?), so I may order some paper at the same time. Trouble is, Platinum Rag is WAY cheaper in UK/Europe than in US, which makes a refreshing change.



TOAS in Paris is our main EU dealer now.

I think they are also selling the Platinum Rag.



I purchased two packs a couple a weeks ago from B&H and I don’t see this in any of my sheets when held up to a strong light. I have only printed a few sheets out of the pack, and haven’t seen it in those either. Hopefully just a bad batch or something.