Problem with DN printing on R2880

Hi all,

I just started to print digital negatives on my Epson R2880 printer with K7 inks and P2 curves. I ran into a couple of issues and perhaps someone can help me out:

  • There are visible lines across the negative separating different moves of the printheads (I believe).

  • The little metal star wheels leave visible marks on the black areas of the negative.

Unrelated to the DN printing per se, I also have experienced some serious issues with the R2880 that came up simultaneously. After a few fine prints (other than the problems above) the printer started to leak drops of ink. I think through the printheads, the inside of the cartridge compartment seems clear. Things did not improve after manual cleaning according to the cleaning kit video instructions. Is there a chance to fix any of this or does the printer need to go to repair?



Your lines are related to your nozzle problems (and related to the dropping I believe).

This may be that the cartridge seal (small plastic film that gets punctured first time the cart is inserted) is miss-aligned in the cartridge itself and is letting air under the cartridge between the cart outlet and inlet spike of the printer. A carefully cutting of this excess film may fix the problem (or we can send you new carts, either way).

The star wheels should be taken out of the printer. Check this:



Thanks Walker,

I’ll have a look (and already talked with the store for replacement cartridges.) Where would I need to cut the plastic film? How would a good seal look like? Could the following be also contribute to the leaking: my R2880 often has trouble pulling in the media (film, paper, etc.), in which case the middle paper jam light goes on. Most often, I am not successful in reseting this light without turning the printer on and off. Every time I turn in on again, it seems to run some type of cleaning cycle (putting a lot of ink into the felt pads). Often this needs to be done 3-5 times before I get the printer take in the material. Could this also lead to flooding with ink that then leads ink droppings somewhere?

Thank you so much for your help. Best,


Look at the bottom of the cartridge. Cut the plastic film where it is inside of the cartridge outlet.